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Announcing our new website for 2023 and beyond!

I have finally updated the old NEL webshop, established way back in 2013. Although it did get a stylish makeover in 2020, it is definitely time to update to a more modern and versatile site. Since the launch of the NEL brand a decade ago, I have met so many interesting composers and sound designers. NEL was 

originally modelled as subscription-only 'Labs' for professional Kyma™ users to enjoy hand crafted sound design delivered to their studios. After a lull during pandemic uncertainty, I have decided to commit to design and distribute further custom sound design for the powerful new generation of Symbolic Sound Kyma™ Audio Processing Units, through the NeverEngineLabs website. I will also be selling my music, merch and other collectibles here. 


I would like to thank all my customers and supporters so far on this journey, it has been a lifeline for me during some tough years for musicians and composers. 

I would also like to thank (again) Carla Scaletti and Kurt Hebel for creating the Kyma system - amazingly it was launched over 30 years ago now!. After my own 20 years as a committed user, it remains my preferred instrument for designing and prototyping innovative sounds and music and stands out still as an outstanding achievement in realtime sound and music computation for professionals and hobbyists alike. 

The launch of the new Pacamara series Audio Processing Units was the highlight of 2022  - and a complete surprise as other manufacturers struggled during the pandemic component shortage. We wish the mothership at Symbolic Sound the best of luck with the product over the coming years! 

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