Musical Agenda in 2024.

Musical Agenda in 2024.

𝌺 Cristián Vogel

composer ( b.1972, Santiago de Chile )


air guitar moment

 I am a professional composer with a 30-year career specialising in sound and music innovation. My artistic projects are currently focused on producing studio-composed recordings, engaging with the public through digital and vinyl distribution, intimate listening concerts, and novel forms of audience participation, such as geo-locative "podwalks".

My work is solely focused on experimental electronic music, electroacoustic music, and pushing compositional boundaries beyond style and convention. I apply the results of deep technical explorations into state-of-the-art sound and music technologies, alongside a deep appreciation of electronic music instruments.

I aim to combine my compositional experience and technical knowledge to bring forth socially relevant musical innovation. My most recent work, for example, is a trilogy of electroacoustic and data-driven works titled "Third Space Requiems." This trilogy explores the gravity of unnecessary death, the human condition through art, technology, and conflict.

My intention is to continue in this direction, expanding the scope of my compositional work beyond any concerns with popularity or repeating the past. I am driven to invent and push forward radical awakened consciousness in music. I am not interested in hypnotic drones or repetitive loops as a means of listener engagement. Instead, I want my music to have a sound that impacts with an instantly appreciable intelligence and a conceptual relevance that grapples with challenging themes from our technologically accelerated society. Philosophy, history, politics and art history are in the frame, but not the overarching sources of inspiration. It is the contemporary culture that the music is in dialogue with.

In 2024 and beyond, I would like to continue my exploration of socially relevant musical narratives that challenge the listener and expand the boundaries of what is possible in experimental electronic music. I am excited about the possibility of bringing my work to a wider audience, and I am committed to further push the boundaries of what is possible in the sonic arts.

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