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NEL Fragments is an inspiring buffer granulation effect, designed for intrepid composers and sound designers working with the powerful Kyma™ system from Symbolic Sound.

Fragments works with the process of sound

NEL Fragments gives the sound composer a number of options to transform a static audio recording into ever-changing micro rhythmic particles and interwoven clusters which can then be performed in realtime to picture, or in the studio or on stage.

Experimentation will be rewarded.

Added bonus! 

As with our other 2023 packs, a sprinkling of exclusive NEL modules are included with examples, which you can add to your collection. In this case, with a purchase of Fragments, you will also receive:

  • the 2023 update of our classic NEL HandsFreeCompressor, a superb sounding dynamics processor

  • the amazing NEL DattorroPlate and NEL StateVariableFilter, originally released in the ZDF Filters pack designed in collaboration with Johannes Regnier.

  • TWO additional early versions of Fragments from the development cycle, each with its own character and mojo.

Concept, Design and Programming by Cristian Vogel
(c) 2023 NeverEngineLabs
ⓃⒺⓁ A custom version for your studio can be commissioned on request.

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