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NEL ShifterMesh VST

NEL ShifterMesh VST

For Mac and Windows

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NEL ShifterMesh VST

Created by award-winning composer Cristián Vogel

ShifterMesh is a boutique VST plugin for MacOS and Windows.  This great sounding Shifter effect is accompanied by an iconic 3D interface - the Mesh.

From subtle inharmonicity to deep drone scapes to frequency shifted feedback mayhem. The range of effects will inspire you. And we hope the forest inspired world is a place you will enjoy exploring. As you get familiar with ShifterMesh and the morphing preset system, you will appreciate the novel way of working with multiple parameter changes over time.

Under the Hood

Internally, two high quality stereo effects run in series and parallel. First, a custom designed multi Frequency Shifter network, with feedback that can radically alter the spectrum of any input. It has been fine tuned to create a wide range of interesting sounds from all sorts of input material. This unique shifter has some special features such as reversible direction Ladder feedback, internal drive, and through-zero shifting. It sounds best in class, and achieves a very low latency.   

After the shifter network, comes a modern algorithmic reverb section featuring easy to dial parameters and a satisfying result from natural sounding to deep space dronezone.  

Lost in a Forest

The vast range of possibilities is why the 'Mesh' preset system was conceived. The forest-like Mesh world will help with the location and identification of many points for sound processing. Alternatively, with its randomisation, it is also a place where you can get wonderfully lost.