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NEL・OSC Tools 2024

NEL・OSC Tools 2024

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If you are a Kyma user working with Open Sound Control for spatialisation, live video, custom software, AV shows or even robotics - this small but essential library is for you! 

Five fully documented Classes that extend the built in Kyma OSC functionality to be more intuitive and flexible, making things less complicated when using Kyma to control external systems. 

ReadOSC takes a list of messages in standard OSC syntax and converts them into Kyma GeneratedEvents. Now with a dynamic and creative normalisation system.

SendOSC takes a list of messages in standard OSC syntax and converts them into OSC generating widgets that Kyma can control with sounds, faders, Capytalk etc. These widgets can be used to control a receiving software or device on the same network as the Kyma hardware. 
NEL OSC Tools have been tried and tested in the field by artists such as Cristián Vogel, Domenico Cipriani and Anne LeBerge.
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    About ReadOSC

    NeverEngineLabs first published OSC Tools for Kyma in 2015. Follow the link to read whats new ⇣
    OSC Tools 2024 Guide 
  • About SendOSC

    Follow the link to read the full user guide ⇣
    NEL OSC Tools PDF